Friday, December 3, 2010

Countdown till Christmas!

One of my favorite times of the year. Just because I love seeing the look on Allie Kats face when she sees what Santa brought her. She loves all of it….as long as its not clothes!

Here is the Calendar I made for her to start the countdown till Christmas this year.


It was all going ok until I decided I wanted to try to do the binding by hand. Considering I am already a couple days late with this and it needs to be up on the wall. Well its done. I may redo the binding after the holidays, but for now it will do. Snowman

I think it turned out kind of cute, don't you?!? Now off to try to get my quilt done before Christmas.


Tiffany said...

I love this calendar! What a cute little snowman

Anonymous said...

I love it!! May I borrow the idea for a similar for my granddaughters??

Jocelyn said...

Very VERY cute!

cilvee said...

Very cute and cheerful! Aliya is lucky to have such a crafty mom ;)

Meghan said...

This I love :)!!!!!

CaliQuilter said...

This is adorable!

Sandy said...

It's so cute....what a lot of cool things you have been doing.

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