Monday, October 26, 2009

Rough times

Well as some of you may know, we are in the process of moving. It has been a complete nightmare as nothing at all wants to go right. My significant other has worked all weekend, yes you guessed it, the weekend we are/were supposed to move. Funny how he hasnt worked a weekend in months and suddenly when something comes up he works. Go figure. Also I have two tests scheduled and I dont know how I will be able to concentrate on them as my head goes a thousand directions when I am stressed out and trying to get something accomplished.

On a good note, enough of the bad, my mother came to visit and we went to the Houston Quilt Festival. My first one. It was interesting. Although I liked the quilts I didnt really have the patients to look at all of them and really wanted to run through them as fast as I could.....they were still very beautiful. I did enjoy the shopping part, even though I didnt buy anything except some fabric dye and I think one pattern. I regret not buying batiks that were on sale...Im still kicking myself for that one.

Plus I saw/met Sharon Schamber, lets just say she is wonderful and I adore her. She is by far my favorite quilter/artist. I really enjoyed meeting her. She even healed me (my knee was hurting from all the walking) and I found out that I have a crystal aura, which makes plenty sense to me.

So now I am on a quest. I must learn more about this aura stuff, so interesting! Plus I must learn how to hand dye fabric.

I will post some pictures of the quilts that I really loved once I stop being so lazy and take them off my camera...until then, ta ta

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A few things I am working on.....

My mother has gotten me into this quilting thing. I do enjoy it because it gives me a chance to be creative and doing something crafty at the same time.
So here is a throw that I am working on. I finished the top, but I still need to work on getting a couple things for my machine before I can quilt it.

We got the fabric when we were in Paducah and I got the pattern when I was in Michigan visiting my mother. I think it really turned out nice so far. I really like the borders on it. I guess by now you can tell I am really into browns with accent colors.

I have done a few other things and have at least 3 UFO's waiting for me to quilt them.

My wonderful mother asked me a while ago if I wanted to enter something into the Grand Rapids quilt show.
Well I designed something on EQ6 and decided to do it in an oriental red white and black fabric. So here is the fabric, of course the pattern is top secret until its put together. I'm hoping to accent it with embellishments and quilt it with a gold thread so we will see if it is show worthy or not. I's still not sure if I am good enough to enter something into a show.

Speaking of quilt show, the Houston Quilt Show is October 15-17th. I plan on attending, and I am excited to attend my very first quilt show.


Well, as some of you already know I am moving at the end of the month into a house!

Finally, after apartment dwelling for the past 3 years this is a dream come true. Although the commute will be a dreadful one, I only have to deal with it until this semester is over and I can enjoy my new house to the fullest!

Its an older house but Oh So Cute I am really looking forward to making it my own. Not sure I'm ready to go to the extent of painting rooms yet so I think I will just stick to my off white walls for now and light beige carpet. Its a 4 bedroom and 2 full baths. I am super excited about having extra rooms (one for crafts/office, and one for guests). Oh and don't forget the 1700 square feet of fun to romp around in.

Since this is going to be a place we plan on staying for some time I am doing some shopping ahead of time. I got the measurements of the windows yesterday and we bought our curtains for the house.

To the left are the living room curtains, except they are a red satin color. (to the right)

I think that it will look really nice in the living room. We have a slider and two windows so we bought 4 panels in this style. I found some accent pillows at Wal-mart that match the curtains perfectly so I will be picking them up after I get the furniture.

I also bought curtains for the master bedroom, except for some reason I cant get the picture to save correctly on my computer so you will just have to wait for me to post pictures of them. I will tell you that they are chocolate...yummy!

Both curtains are Thermal Panels, which means it saves on energy, between 20 and 40% more than regular curtains. Plus they block out light and sound. We will see if it truly works.

I also found a bedding set for the master bedroom. Of course after loving a new pair of chocolate drapes I needed to coordinate my bedding to the curtains, which leads to more shopping! I really can't complain.

Here is the bedding that I found and fell in love with (fount at Wal-mart)

...and I bought matching 400 count sheets to match the blue color. I still need to buy a dust ruffle to go with the bed, I found one at JCPenny's but I will have to order it online.

Well, that's it for now. I'm sure I will be doing much more shopping but I am trying to hold off until the first of the month to do the rest....Ikea get ready for us.

Blogging Virgin

Well I decided its about time to see what this blogging is all about. I really want a place where I can show some of my friends and family what I do day to day since I really dont have many friends close by. Seems like everytime I make a new friend I move away from them.

Well, this is my way of keeping you posted!