Saturday, October 3, 2009

A few things I am working on.....

My mother has gotten me into this quilting thing. I do enjoy it because it gives me a chance to be creative and doing something crafty at the same time.
So here is a throw that I am working on. I finished the top, but I still need to work on getting a couple things for my machine before I can quilt it.

We got the fabric when we were in Paducah and I got the pattern when I was in Michigan visiting my mother. I think it really turned out nice so far. I really like the borders on it. I guess by now you can tell I am really into browns with accent colors.

I have done a few other things and have at least 3 UFO's waiting for me to quilt them.

My wonderful mother asked me a while ago if I wanted to enter something into the Grand Rapids quilt show.
Well I designed something on EQ6 and decided to do it in an oriental red white and black fabric. So here is the fabric, of course the pattern is top secret until its put together. I'm hoping to accent it with embellishments and quilt it with a gold thread so we will see if it is show worthy or not. I's still not sure if I am good enough to enter something into a show.

Speaking of quilt show, the Houston Quilt Show is October 15-17th. I plan on attending, and I am excited to attend my very first quilt show.


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