Monday, October 26, 2009

Rough times

Well as some of you may know, we are in the process of moving. It has been a complete nightmare as nothing at all wants to go right. My significant other has worked all weekend, yes you guessed it, the weekend we are/were supposed to move. Funny how he hasnt worked a weekend in months and suddenly when something comes up he works. Go figure. Also I have two tests scheduled and I dont know how I will be able to concentrate on them as my head goes a thousand directions when I am stressed out and trying to get something accomplished.

On a good note, enough of the bad, my mother came to visit and we went to the Houston Quilt Festival. My first one. It was interesting. Although I liked the quilts I didnt really have the patients to look at all of them and really wanted to run through them as fast as I could.....they were still very beautiful. I did enjoy the shopping part, even though I didnt buy anything except some fabric dye and I think one pattern. I regret not buying batiks that were on sale...Im still kicking myself for that one.

Plus I saw/met Sharon Schamber, lets just say she is wonderful and I adore her. She is by far my favorite quilter/artist. I really enjoyed meeting her. She even healed me (my knee was hurting from all the walking) and I found out that I have a crystal aura, which makes plenty sense to me.

So now I am on a quest. I must learn more about this aura stuff, so interesting! Plus I must learn how to hand dye fabric.

I will post some pictures of the quilts that I really loved once I stop being so lazy and take them off my camera...until then, ta ta


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