Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blocks, Blocks and more Blocks!

I think I am caught up through February. Whew, I was behind.


Now I just need to stay caught up.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doll Quilt Swap

The top is finished. I think I like it. Pretty bright, but cool. Now I decided to go without the sashing since I put the blocks together and liked it better this way.

DQS 10

So now I need some opinions. How should I quilt this? Some have said random circles. Which I agree would be fun, but in what colors? Should I use multiple colors? Hand quilting or machine? I would love some opinions!

Also, some of you may know yesterday was my birthday! Yay! I got fabric from my mom. I sent her a wish list and this is what I got. Sanctuary, Modern Meadow and Central Park. Yummy!

Thanks MOM!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sewing Room!

Not sure why people call their sewing rooms studio’s. I can not refer to mine as a studio. It is a 10x10 room crammed with all my sewing stuff and my computer desk. It’s the room where I spend most of my time, and the room that I can make my own without anyone else having an opinion. My sewing room; not my studio. I guess if it was bigger and fancier it could be called a studio.

Anyways, I did a few changes. Mainly to the closet area, lets take a look shall we?

My newly organized closet. Thanks to the recovery of two drawer units from locations that shall not be named, a new bookshelf for $15 from Wal-Mart, comic book boards. and 6 small shoebox Tupperware containers (a dollar each) for my scraps. Total makeover under $50.


I have yet to organize my fabric the way I want it. I just kind of put it up on the shelf for now, but its mainly done by collection.  Here is the right side of my closet.


And here is the left side.


Taking a closer look at the book shelf (that my husband built, putting the bottom shelf on upside down the the back on backwards…yes that will be fixed or I will be taken to the looney bin). On the top of the shelf I have my AB home decors and the green basket that I put scraps in. I keep some of my scraps together in their collection, or if used together in a project. I use zip lock bags and the basket holds these.


Here is my scrap storage. I have decided I don’t have room for more scraps than this so its going to be use it or lose it. If they get full then I either give them away or find something to do with them. No upgrading the scrap system.


Only thing I don’t like about this bookshelf is the shelf space is limited. (not enough peg holes on the side) Its really not tall enough to put the books on. What were they thinking? Well for $15 it works and still looks nice. I store my books and patterns on this shelf. The patterns are tucked away in the basket.


On the left side of the closet I have one set of drawers. I also hang my WIP on hangers as you can see to the right. (Yes those are my fingers…lol)


First of the drawers has my charms and roll precuts.


Second drawer has some pretty bundles, munki, and some FQs


The bottom drawer (also the heaviest, that’s why its on the bottom) holds my FQs. Arranged by designer and fabric line.


On the left side of my closet I have a extra set of drawers. The first drawer unit was not enough and I knew I would need more room for future FQs and precuts, so I “borrowed” this one from another room in the house.


Top drawer holds my layer cakes and currently some of my bee blocks.


Second drawer holds batting.


Odds and ends in the third, for now.


There you have it. My newly done closet. I really love how it is organized and my fabric wont fall on my anymore when I try to get something off the bottom of the stack. Also everything has a place so hopefully it will stop looking like a tornado blew through my fabric.

Here is a view of my cutting area and my closet. My cutting table is just an old card table on bed risers. Hanging rulers on the wall to give me more space. A magnetic erase board for notes and pinning up patterns while I am cutting.


And I added the skirt to the table so I could use the bottom for storage. I basically have quilt kits, boxes and misc. items under there. Mainly things I don’t use on a regular basis.

Not so pretty, I know….why do you think it has the skirt. LOL


View from my closet door. My computer workstation, radio and cutting table.


Another view from the closet. You can see my improvised design wall (just a piece of patting pinned to the wall), my door of Aliya art, my sewing table $50 from ikea.


Finally my back wall. Basically just holds a window and my ironing board.


I believe in organization, but cheaply. I mean come on! Who has thousands of dollars for a super studio when there are new fabric lines coming out all the time? Not me!

If I helped you and you use any of my organization ideas I would love love love to see them! I just love seeing other peoples sewing spaces. Obviously mine could be more incredible but I am renting, and on a budget so it is what it is…and its MY room.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Disney trip.

Just wanted to show a couple pictures from my trip. I haven’t done much sewing since I have been back. I really needed to revamp my sewing room. It was so unorganized that it was driving me bonkers and I could not get motivated to do anything. I will have more pictures on that in the next day or so. Hopefully I will be more motivated to spend time in here now that it is cleaner.


I have many more pictures but cant seem to get my computer working right. I may post more once I get it up and running. Hope you enjoyed taking a brief look into Aliya’s (Alliekat’s) magical first trip to Disney World.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I’m back!

I was on vacation at Disney.

Trying to get some pictures up and on the computer so you may see a couple in a few days.

I haven't sewed yet as I just got home last night and have lots to do around the house, but I did finish this block before I left and wanted to share it with you.