Friday, May 27, 2011

Playing catch up….

I am late with my bee blocks. I hadn’t finished my April blocks and here it is…end of May.

Well I am happy to say that I finished a total of 4 blocks today. Forgot to take pictures of the first two blocks I finished…they were pretty easy blocks….you can see them in the Fresh Modern Bee group. We all did the same two blocks for April.

I am still behind on my May block for that bee and will hopefully get to it this weekend.

I also finished my April block for Corey in my VIBees group. So so so love this block…so pretty. Plus it was awesome because all the pieces were precut so it was super easy to put together…and look how awesome it looks!


I also finished my May block for VIBees I must say that I really love this block. The theme was “petals” and I had this image in my mind that I wanted to try. Originally I wanted to add some kind of flower center in white but saw that I didn’t have enough fabric for it so I quickly changed my design and added more petals instead. I actually like this design better because it includes more of the pretty fabric that was sent. I really think this block is one of my favorites!


I’m so glad it will be going to one of my closest online friends, Tracey!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jackson Quilt

My first custom quilt. Made for a friend of mine who is expecting a little boy any day now. She requested and approved these colors and then picked a quilt style that she liked and I started designing.


I ended up with 3 or 4 different blocks to give the quilt some variety with the squares.


I used some of the left over scraps to spell out his name on the back. I used the prints for his name then used the solids for the backing itself to showcase both the quilting and allowing his name to stick out.


I really do love how his name turned out and plan to use this on my future quilts.

I also added one of my new labels to the back.


I made it big enough that the little guy can use it for several years. Really love how this turned out.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little TBall

It wouldn’t be the Alliekatmom blog without a few Allie Kat updates would it?

Aliya started T-Ball and Saturday was her very first game.

tball 004

She is warming up here, not the best at throwing a ball…some of the boys can really chuck it!

tball 006

Guess that’s what happens when you are the only girl on the team. Even the team we were playing against was all boys…..I don’t get it!

tball 023

Of course she doesn’t care, she loves T-Ball and asks me everyday how many days she has till she can go play T-Ball.

Here she is running to first with a hat that is a little too big. LOL Yes, she was safe!

tball 035

Her team does this before and after each practice and game. It’s so cute because Aliya thinks they are the Blue Rangers…you know as in Power Rangers. They shout “Go Rangers!” I can hear the Power Ranger theme music now.

tball 026

And for those of you who come here to read about my sewing and quilting….. I have new labels.

tball 043

Aren't they the best?! I will be using these from now on. I really like them and I did them in Word.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pretty little pouch received.

What a wonderful package I received from Crystal. She made this little pouch with Aliya in mind. Her little note said that it was intended for her to be used as a crayon pouch. She was going to put her name on it but left it off just in case I wanted to use it myself. Well of course it’s a perfect pouch for crayons and look at those rainbow colors! Guess who got it?…ya its not a difficult guess.

The cutest wrapping

pouch wrapped up

I just love the fabric that she used. The hand stitching just makes it perfect.

pouch received

She even sent crayons and some little coloring pages (princess, perfect) some Dutch letters that were yummy and a little coin pouch for myself…which holds my change in my purse.

extra stuff

Aliya loves her pouch, she got to work coloring right away.

spoiled girlshe loves it

Thank you Crystal! She/We love it!