Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little TBall

It wouldn’t be the Alliekatmom blog without a few Allie Kat updates would it?

Aliya started T-Ball and Saturday was her very first game.

tball 004

She is warming up here, not the best at throwing a ball…some of the boys can really chuck it!

tball 006

Guess that’s what happens when you are the only girl on the team. Even the team we were playing against was all boys…..I don’t get it!

tball 023

Of course she doesn’t care, she loves T-Ball and asks me everyday how many days she has till she can go play T-Ball.

Here she is running to first with a hat that is a little too big. LOL Yes, she was safe!

tball 035

Her team does this before and after each practice and game. It’s so cute because Aliya thinks they are the Blue Rangers…you know as in Power Rangers. They shout “Go Rangers!” I can hear the Power Ranger theme music now.

tball 026

And for those of you who come here to read about my sewing and quilting….. I have new labels.

tball 043

Aren't they the best?! I will be using these from now on. I really like them and I did them in Word.


Kelly said...

She is too stinkin' cute!

Wendy said...

Your Ali is adorable! My Em had her second Tball game tonight ... she says she even wants to play next year :) I just want to make it through this year. I laugh at the picture of Ali holding the hat because Emily was doing the same thing as she ran bases her first night... Enjoy!!

traceyjay said...

I agree -- she's adorable (and I'm jealous of her hair!)

So fun! Love the labels too... very cute.

Hollie said...

Your daughter is too cute! And I love the new labels. What did you print them on?

Meghan said...

Aliya is too cute!! I can't believe how cute your labels are!!!

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