Thursday, July 29, 2010

(Interesting title goes here)

How do you think of a title for something that has multiple ideas in it. Im just confused and stumped. Oh well. This is what I have been up to lately.

Fabric purchase. Mostly to be used as filler fabrics. And of course some prints for little boy quilts. All for $36 a total of 15 yards. Nice right?!?


Second, is my swap with Kelly. I participated in the AFLAC swap this month. It was my very first time and I was paired up with my Flicker Twinnie! I think we both went a little overboard. Stay tuned :)


Third I have been Kickin’ Trudy’s Arse. Errick was diagnosed with Cancer and Lucia decided to make a warm quilt that would help him through the process. Details are here.DSC_0002

If you can help with this cause feel free to make as many blocks as possible. Lets all kick Trudys Arse one block at a time!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


No sewing today, just a friends wedding. It was beautiful and my Husband was in it. Just wanted to share a couple pictures.

DSC_0042  DSC_0010DSC_0007  DSC_0050

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Have Been Busy

My hubby came home a couple times this week! I love having him home. I don’t get too much sewing done while he is home but I don’t care. I also went to the Houston Quilt Guild meeting this weekend and it was fun. I didn’t have a babysitter so I had to bring the little one instead of sewing with the girls and “TM” (the nickname of our one and only guy in the group). I had a good time but had to leave early to play chauffer to my brother again.

Here are a few things I finished.

My Monthly BOM with Fat Quarter. DSC_0014

My Pretty in Pink blocks for both July and August.DSC_0012 DSC_0013

And I wanted to share something that I was working on a while ago and actually finished before leaving Michigan but my mom had to sew the binding on it because I was crunched for time. (sorry mom)

My Mom’s Batik quilt that I designed and put together using only Batiks. Her favorite color is blue so I tried to get blue batiks. I don’t normally sew with batiks so it was something new to me but I think it turned out really pretty. She seems to like it.


Here is the quilting I did on it. I tried doing a custom design in each block.


Well I am off to sew some things. I have two more things I need to catch up on for the month and I need to work on a package for my BFF flickr pal. I already sent her one thing that will be hard to top but I will try :)

Friday, July 9, 2010


Ok you all may not think this is as funny as I do but today Aliya comes up to me and we have the following convo:
Allie: "Im not feelig so good"
Me: "You're not, whats wrong?"
Allie: "I think I have scratchieitis"
Me: "Scratchieitis? Really?"
Allie: "NO! I scratchy all over!"
end of conversation, begin rolling on floor. LOL

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lots done!

Well I have gotten a lot of things done in the last couple days. Three of my bee blocks (still waiting on my final one to arrive in the mail) and my quilt-a-long.

Here are the blocks I did for Sew 2 Speak


And the block I did for Karrie in Fresh Modern Bee, my favorite block of the month!


and last but not least my quilt a long.


I think its a little on the big side right now but its looking pretty good I think.

Now, I think I have a wonky stars quilt I am going to finish.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Putting the Bee in Christmas

This months blocks were for Natalia and she wanted me to make her a stocking block and another block of my choice. This is what I came up with. I hope she likes them.



Here they are together.


Here is my stash for the week.DSC_0004 

And a funny story. I see Aliya in the Kitchen and I ask her, “What are you doing?” and she replies “Washing Dishes!” Can I say I was very surprised to see a 4 year old washing dishes all by herself! YES! Now lets just hope we can keep up the good work!

DSC_0009 DSC_0010  

Guess she is used to seeing her mommy clean all the time that she now understands. Maybe I can get her to work on her room next….hahaha…ya right!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A few things going on here.

First I sent a little something to one of my online friends Kelly she is the wonderful person who hooked me up with lots of Neptune and we found that we are TWINS! Well we have a lot in common. So far really so much its kind of freaky. Well since she went out of her way to help us Neptune lovers I thought to add a little something to the swap I sent. She loved the one I was working on for the Modern Swap so here is one for her :)

DSC_0005  DSC_0009 DSC_0006

A close up of the stitches. Sorry about the dark photo the sun was not out the day I took this. Seems like we are in the rainy season here in Houston. This is my first time hand quilting and I think I like it! I also did the circles by hand with no templates. That’s why they aren’t perfect, but I think its ok.

DSC_0021Next is the Quilt A Long that I am shockingly keeping up with. I am using a Hunky Dory Jelly Roll my mom got me, and so far I really think its going to be beautiful. I have been trying to think about how I am going to quilt it but I still have no clue! DSC_0020Last but not least….a few more Neptune prints I have found and added to my stash. I still need a few more so if you know where I can find them I have an ISO link here with the ones I still need.


I am working on my bee blocks I have gotten two of this months blocks and I have started the Put the Bee in Christmas block. I get to do a stocking and one other of my choice…not sure what that one will be yet.