Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Have Been Busy

My hubby came home a couple times this week! I love having him home. I don’t get too much sewing done while he is home but I don’t care. I also went to the Houston Quilt Guild meeting this weekend and it was fun. I didn’t have a babysitter so I had to bring the little one instead of sewing with the girls and “TM” (the nickname of our one and only guy in the group). I had a good time but had to leave early to play chauffer to my brother again.

Here are a few things I finished.

My Monthly BOM with Fat Quarter. DSC_0014

My Pretty in Pink blocks for both July and August.DSC_0012 DSC_0013

And I wanted to share something that I was working on a while ago and actually finished before leaving Michigan but my mom had to sew the binding on it because I was crunched for time. (sorry mom)

My Mom’s Batik quilt that I designed and put together using only Batiks. Her favorite color is blue so I tried to get blue batiks. I don’t normally sew with batiks so it was something new to me but I think it turned out really pretty. She seems to like it.


Here is the quilting I did on it. I tried doing a custom design in each block.


Well I am off to sew some things. I have two more things I need to catch up on for the month and I need to work on a package for my BFF flickr pal. I already sent her one thing that will be hard to top but I will try :)


Kelly said...

I think your mom's quilt came out great! I love the layout! How big is it?

traceyjay said...

nice work lady! :)

You keep reminding me that I need to catch up on my FQS BOM... (I haven't done any of them yet)

I love how you framed the blocks in your mom's quilt.

I don't normally sew with batiks either, but the colors sure are pretty. :)

Jennifer said...

You sure have been busy! All your projects are looking great and your Mom's quilt is just beautiful!

Jennifer :)

Karamat said...

Your mom's quilt is so pretty!

Cherie said...

That's funny, Tracy--I'm still working on 2009 BOM!

I love your mom's quilt. Batiks are not my thing either, but the colors look so vibrant and modern.

Anonymous said...

I love the Christmas stocking cap - so cute!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love all of your blocks and your mom's quilt is really pretty. Where in Michigan were you?

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