Saturday, October 3, 2009


Well, as some of you already know I am moving at the end of the month into a house!

Finally, after apartment dwelling for the past 3 years this is a dream come true. Although the commute will be a dreadful one, I only have to deal with it until this semester is over and I can enjoy my new house to the fullest!

Its an older house but Oh So Cute I am really looking forward to making it my own. Not sure I'm ready to go to the extent of painting rooms yet so I think I will just stick to my off white walls for now and light beige carpet. Its a 4 bedroom and 2 full baths. I am super excited about having extra rooms (one for crafts/office, and one for guests). Oh and don't forget the 1700 square feet of fun to romp around in.

Since this is going to be a place we plan on staying for some time I am doing some shopping ahead of time. I got the measurements of the windows yesterday and we bought our curtains for the house.

To the left are the living room curtains, except they are a red satin color. (to the right)

I think that it will look really nice in the living room. We have a slider and two windows so we bought 4 panels in this style. I found some accent pillows at Wal-mart that match the curtains perfectly so I will be picking them up after I get the furniture.

I also bought curtains for the master bedroom, except for some reason I cant get the picture to save correctly on my computer so you will just have to wait for me to post pictures of them. I will tell you that they are chocolate...yummy!

Both curtains are Thermal Panels, which means it saves on energy, between 20 and 40% more than regular curtains. Plus they block out light and sound. We will see if it truly works.

I also found a bedding set for the master bedroom. Of course after loving a new pair of chocolate drapes I needed to coordinate my bedding to the curtains, which leads to more shopping! I really can't complain.

Here is the bedding that I found and fell in love with (fount at Wal-mart)

...and I bought matching 400 count sheets to match the blue color. I still need to buy a dust ruffle to go with the bed, I found one at JCPenny's but I will have to order it online.

Well, that's it for now. I'm sure I will be doing much more shopping but I am trying to hold off until the first of the month to do the rest....Ikea get ready for us.


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