Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Loads going on!

I have been extremely busy this summer. Sorry for the inactive blog. I really have had little time to sew or do anything. Also have found that we are moving. I have found an apartment that we are going to move into and we will see if it all works out. So please pray for me that I can get into the apartments before school starts in August.

This August is going to be a busy month for me. I have lots of cleaning, purging, and a huge garage sale planned. We have to move the week before school starts and its an hour away. Not 100% sure yet, that is where I will settle. It all depends on if everything is meant to be, I believe if it is then things will just fall into place and I wont have a problem moving like I keep thinking I will.

Aliya starts Kindergarten and I will go back to school full time. Taking a whopping 16 credit hours. Not going to be fun but it has to be done.


Hope you all are having a lovely summer! Also check back on the first as I will have a surprise for you! Happy quilting!


Meghan said...

Oh big changes!!!! I will be thinking about you guys as you get ready to move! I am sure it will fall into place how it is supposed to go! 16 hours-you go girl (that is awesome)!!

Kelly said...

xoxoxo ♥♥♥ Love ya twinnie!

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Amy that is such a beautiful photo of the two of you - thinking of you XXXXXX

quiltzyx said...

What a lovely photo!

Good luck on your move & going back to school full-time!

Angela said...

super cute pic of you two!

it will all get figured out. Just doing all that purging and cleaning will make the time fly by.

Cherie said...

Best wishes! It sounds like a big change, but I'm sure you'll make it!

Bry said...

I think my original comment disappeared into the ether that is the internet :(

Anyways, that's an adorable picture of you and Allie! Good luck moving and getting started back in school. Let the guild know if we can help in any way! (Especially moving that HUGE amazing neptune stash of yours!)

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