Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New logo? Blog name?

Remember this post? Well I am still looking around for that perfect logo for my blog.

I am getting tired of the look of my blog and am wanting something cleaner, fresher, unique to me.

So in my search for something better I was wondering…..what do my readers think of me?

When they read my name what do they think of? Cats? I am not a cat lover, they are adorable from far but I am more of a dog lover than a cat lover. My name? Which is Actually Amy and not Allie…..

The name AllieKat is actually a nickname for my daughter. My grandfather (who passed away when she was 2) asked me if he could call her Alley Cat for short and of course it stuck. She was his one and only great grandchild. Of course since she is my pride and joy I decided Alliekatmom is the perfect name……what do you think?

As far as a logo design…do you all think I should have a logo with a drawing of a little girl in it? Should I just keep it simple with some pretty writing and a little design….or maybe add a sewing machine or some scissors so everyone knows this is a quilting blog?

It of course will be purple, orange and gray. My blog is looking too green and blue these days.

I would love some input from my readers on this.

If you want to design one for me even better….LOL


holly p said...

At first I did get confused that your real name is actually Amy and not Allie...but it didn't take me long to figure it out! Its your blog name and you can do as you please with it :)

Leila said...

Gosh I have been struggling with the same question; to change or not to change my blogname. It's a tricky one!
I think it's your blog and it should reflect who you are.
If you want to have a go at designing your own blogheader can be very useful. You can make a collage resize it to fit your blog and add all sorts of effects and text.

Ali said...

What popped into my mind was a circle with a drawing of a little girl in the middle. "AllieKat" above, 2 arrows on the sides pointing to the girl, and "mom" below. Of course there's a very good reason that I'm not a graphic designer! Keep the name or change it, I don't think it will be confusing either way.

Luv 2 Kreate said...

Knowing you personally I never have been confused about your blog title. I actually like it...I also think that you talk about A enough that people who read your blog quickly figures it out. I think it would be cute if you had a logo with a cartoonish type graphic of you and A in your sewing room crafting etc.

Becky said...

I've been struggling with the same thing. For you, the only reason I would change your name is if you wanted to make it something more quilt related. AlliKat Mom on first hearing sounds like it's going to be a parenting blog, kwim? But, lots of quilters/crafters have names that aren't sewing related. So really it's all about what you like!

Wendy said...

It would be sweet if you could have a picture of a grandfather in a rocking chair, say on a porch, with a little girl sitting in his lap ... as a logo it's a fun idea ... you could have a screen door looking into the house with all the paraphenlia of what it takes to raise kids, keep house, and maybe hang a quilt on the wall behind the rocking chair? ... as for blog names ... I'm no help ... when it came time to name mine, I called mine "Why Knot" as in why not quilt, why not blog, why not just do it ... lol Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

Ann Marie said...

i have a quilting blog too, the name....16 muddy feet! The name has nothing to do with quilting, it has to do with the fact we own 4 labrador retrievers that rule that house, and drive me nuts sometimes. They are in everything I do, including my quilting studio when I am in there.

Sandy said...

If you look at Pat Sloan's blog, she has picture frames in her blog banner. Periodically she changes the design behind those pictures to match seasons or whatever, but then the inside of the picture frames change too. I think that would be neat to have something that reflects you, but still honors why you named it this way. I also like the idea of the front porch with the door looking into the house with the crafts or through windows or something. That would be cool too.

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