Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What are some things you would like to see?

Please don’t get too bored reading my picture lacking post.

Ive been a tad slow on the blog lately. Spring tends to get to me. I spend a lot of my time cleaning, playing outside, gardening, trying to make my grass green, and newly going to the gym.

I canceled my old membership at Golds Gym and joined The Y instead. Mainly because I wanted to get Aliya started in their sports programs. She will be starting Baseball this month. April 30 is her first game.

I have also been doing Pilates, Yoga, Zumba in addition to my regular workouts to try to kick these last 10lbs that have been floating around my waistline.

So quilting wise I am working on a few things. I am trying to finish up my MMM swap…which ends in a few days. I aslo have to finish a baby quilt for a dear friend…not showing pics because I am not sure if she reads my blog or not. She is Due this summer so I must get that finished.

So, going back to the main reason I started this post…..what would you like to see?

My readers….what do you want to see on my blog? I am somewhat of an advanced beginner. I can do simple techniques and figure out some harder ones, but I still have problems sewing straight and making things perfect….so I want to help others that may be beginning out there. Quilting is not a cheap hobby and to have to pay for classes on top of all the glorious fabric and tools out there, it can be expensive.

So would you like to see some posts like…basic quilting tools that will get you started? Or how I sew my bindings? Maybe a few other beginner posts like basting a quilt?

If any of this might interest you, then just leave me a comment and I will try to get to that. I want to try new things so if it helps you to see me try it first then I am all for it.

Plus motivation has been lacking, so this would be a fun to do for me.


Sandy said...

I would like to see new designs for a book that we need to publish together :O

Amelia said...

Just keep doing what you do ... you do it so well :)
Also, I love to see how others do things so any tutorials or quilt-a-longs would be a bonus!

Meghan said...

I would love to see you sew your bindings. That is the one area that I am horrible at-I have read lots of tutorials but never love the end result!! A quilt along would be fun too!

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