Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A few new things

First things first, I finished the top that Quilt 4 Kids sent me (on right) I also made my own top out of some fabric from a "purple" swap that has been sitting in my fabric box for quite some time now. I figured I would go with a purple theme and maybe some little girl that loves purple will get this quilt. I'm pretty sure I am going to name the purple quilt Purple Surprise, but I still haven't thought of a name for the other one. If you can't see the focus fabric in the picture, it has hockey gear all over it and since I don't know much about hockey I can't think of a name for it just yet. If anyone has any ideas, they are more than welcome! I need to label and quilt them still. Second, our guild had its second meeting/first sew-in which was tons of fun! I really enjoyed spending time with people that share the same interest as me. Maybe now I can stop bugging my mom about quilting so
A few of us are getting together this Friday and Saturday to do the Shop Hop! I am so ready and so excited! I went on a Shop Hop in California and it was so much fun. I even have my brother watching my daughter on Saturday so I can actually enjoy the Hop and the company of some new friends.

Finally, I will leave you again with my Star Bright quilt, as I took some better pictures of it.
Here is a close up of one of the stars and quilting, if you can see the quilting.
....and here is the label I made. Aliya wanted a heart so that's what we did. Also since she helped pick out the fabric and stars she had to get creative with the label. After all it is her quilt!


AllieKatMom said...

I know, commenting on my own post, how lame! lol
Just wanted to update on the name of the Hockey quilt...."Around the Rink"
Now off to quilt them!

Sandy said...

Very nice quilting. Can't wait until you can come and quilt a couple of mine that are waiting for you! So glad you are having fun with your new found interest and friends. That makes me happy, although I have never grown tired of talking quilting with you.

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