Friday, June 25, 2010

Some yummy goodness

Some new goodies from I received Toyland, Playdate, Weekends, and Castle Peeps. And I am working on my sewing room. Hopefully I will start to add some things to it soon. I really want to redo my desk as it is looking out of place. Just really don't know what color or how I should redo it. I eventually want to paint my walls a soft gray color and accent the room in purple and yellow's. Still looking for a good purple fabric to make curtains and a skirt for my cutting table out of. If anyone knows of the perfect fabric let me know. I have my eye out at Ikea for a good fabric but havent seen what I want yet. I did find a yellow print that I like a lot but I really still want some purple for my curtains.


Sandy said...

Yummy fabrics. I haven't bought any since you were here.

traceyjay said...

so jealous! Those look great Amy. :)

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