Monday, June 7, 2010

This weeks goodies

I hit up the stores here one more time before I head back to Texas this week. I ended up with a few goodies, and a couple quilting magazines. I also finally won something!! The Swanky charm pack and this adorable pin cushion was from the Friday Night Sew In!!! Sign up if you like! Maybe next time you will win!
So I got some fabric today. I am thinking of using this fabric (below) for my Pretty in Pink bee. The top ones for sure, maybe the fat quarters of Amy Butler. I am going to have them all make Wonky Houses :) My month isn't until November so I still have time to change my mind a hundred times.
What do you think of a background color for these wonky houses? Should I go with the white or the Ash? Or should I go and buy some sky blue???? Questions!


Kelly said...

I just wanted to say hi and let you know I look at your blog too! :)

traceyjay said...

..."so I have time to change my mind 100 times"...

cracked me up!

fun stuff Amy! :)

Chakatoria said...

Beautiful fabrics! Can't wait to see what you create!

Happy Quilting.

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