Thursday, January 20, 2011

First 2011 finish, and a little Allie.

Finally quilted, and bound. Only took me forever to finish it.

T 001

The pattern is beautiful, but was very challenging for me. Not sure if I would do it again or not.

T 003

Also, Aliya really wants to learn how to quilt. She is always playing with fabric and watching me…helping me….asking me when she will be big enough for her sewing machine.

We started her on some less dangerous embroidery work….and WOW! She did great!

T 006T 007

Here is the work she finished, right before her attention went to cartoons. I think she did great for a 5 year old. Of course I don't have many to compare to her. T 017


Angela said...

I think that she definitely did a great job! And she's inspiring me to take up more embroidery! ;)

Katie B. said...

Looks really good to me!

traceyjay said...

is it wrong that every time I see Aliya I only think about how I want there to be more... she's so precious (tell her she did a great job and she looks cute doing it... wait, don't tell her that last part... she'll figure it out on her own anyway). ;)

Beautiful quilt Amy! it's so soft and pretty. Is it for Aliya?

Stitched With Prayer said...

Looking at the concentration on her beautiful face as she stitches tells me that her wonderful stitches are going to continue to get even more beautiful. What a great job she is doing. A priceless picture! Hugs...

Bry said...

Oh man she is too cute!! It's awesome y'all can craft together!

Sandy said...

Great looking quilt. It may have been tedious, but it sure turned out nice. And the embroidery is probably a good place for her to start. Good idea. At least she can start her creative juices, and then maybe she can get her own sewing machine for her birthday or Christmas. We'll have to tell Grandpa!!

Nancy Sue said...

Wonderful 1st finish quilt for 2011! I love it! Aliya is doing awesome work too! I have just found your blog through Linda at, so I'm a follower now and am going to look around :) Congrats again on your quilt!

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