Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A late post

I didn't share what I got for Christmas. My husband said I could get some fabric, so of course I did. The pretty stack here is from him.tutorial 030

I also ordered some thread and books that were on sale at Connecting Threads! Isn't my hubby wonderful.

tutorial 029

I have a new thread holder, courtesy of my Mother.

tutorial 033

Also a few other things my mother got for me, the storage for my embroidery thread and a new rotary cutter! I even picked up a few more fabric items with my Christmas money from my Grandma.

tutorial 032

My mom made me this, I really like the old singer in the middle. Hopefully this summer I can get lucky and find one in a garage sale.

tutorial 034

Finally, some non Christmas talk.

Here are some of my ideas for my DQS10 partner. I am leaning towards brights, possibly batiks. Which would you pick…if you were my partner? OR maybe you prefer something else. I can keep sketching……I have plenty of time.

tutorial 077


traceyjay said...

great sketches! :)

I have a feeling those will all be well loved... (I've got a few batiks if you need any more; they're the "French lace" from Moda)

And yea! for the Christmas gifts! That pile looks so pretty all together. :)

Amelia said...

I love all that pretty fabric! I recently got all of the Henna Garden prints and made some cushions from them from the Qld Flood Appeal. They are so bright and cheery.
Love the sketches too by the way :)

Anonymous said...

You got some real great Christmas presents. Your schetches are all great. I like 1 and 4 best. I bet your partner will love whatever you make. What do you do with doll quilts ( I assume that you don't place it over a doll) ?

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