Sunday, January 24, 2010

1st finished quilt of 2010

I finished the quilt for Jimmy's Birthday. He is in Galveston working this week so I dont know when he will be able to see it, but I hope he likes it.
I finished the quilt using fleece as a backing and it turned out really nice. My quilting isnt perfect because this was hard to quilt, being my very first quilt thats larger than a baby quilt I am pretty happy with it.

The binding turned out the best! It looks great!

Overall the quilt is very warm and thats what I wanted to achieve. Now I know that I need to try to take some quilting classes, might make the process easier next time I quilt something like this.

Enjoy! Im so glad its done :) Off to the next project!


Vals Quilting said...

I love the browns and blues in this quilt with the large flowers - it's adorable and looks cozy

AllieKatMom said...

Thx, it is cozy! With the fleece as a backing it is extra cozy but was soooo much fun to try to quilt :)

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