Thursday, January 21, 2010

Holidays are over....

and I have gotten used to my "new" everyday life staying at home with my daughter while I study for the HESI and pray I get into nursing school this fall.

I am working on finishing a quilt right now. The top has been done for a while but decided to finish it for my husbands birthday. He keeps taking my flannel quilt so I decided its time to make him a quilt of his own.

I had the top done before and not finished, this gave me the push I needed to finish it because he had suggested making it our bedding set for our bedroom (so I know he likes it).

Quilting this has been a challenge! Lets just say that I like to try new things and my husband wanted something warm and I first thought I would back it with flannels so off to JoAnns to get some backing fabric, and lucky for me they were having a 30% off sale!

Except while I was there I didnt think the flannels would give him the warm and cuddly feeling he wanted so I decided to take the challege of using fleece as a background. Ok, I am new to quilting and I wanted to try something unheard of, at least to me.

So far I have about 1/2 of it quilted and I am just quilting in the ditch so far so nothing special. Then I am just putting squares inside the squares that need some extra quilting. And let me tell you, my quilting is not all that, my squares are off but this thing is 3 layers (yes, I still used cotton batting) and its pretty thick and can be hard to manage on my little machine, so Im not shooting for perfect. Im shooting for "Get 'er done!"
I will post pictures when I am done with the quilt, and I do like the fleece backing and will be using it again but maybe next time with no cotton batting and just the two layers.

Also....I got a G.C. for Christmas from my loving husband so I designed a new quilt, inspired by Sue Garmens BOM quilt. I used EQ6 blocks but changed them to be more my own.

I also got blues and yellows to start this quilt, and plan on doing my own BOM this year.

I do needle turn applique to finish it, and I finished my first block but not sure I like it yet so I might redo it.

But I do like the design and I will show you the colors I picked out a little later. I do have to do some touch ups on my EQ6 and I realized that after finishing the first block, but its my first one so I am pretty excited.

One last thing that excites me :)
I got my 24x24 extention table and my Darning foot so I really want to start to practice free motion quilting soon. Now I need to get a real table to sew on instead of my card table that likes to bounce and vibrate when I go full

Until next time, happy quilting.


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