Friday, January 22, 2010


Well, I have lived here for a few months now and I have my stuff unpacked and I really want to concentrate on getting my sewing room up and running the way I like it. Its somewhat functional at this point but I still need a few things to make it perfect.

So far I bought some fabric for curtains, Im just using regular cotton fabric. I'm also going to use that same fabric to make a skirt for my cutting table so I can store things under it and it will look finished.

I am going to get my husband and brother to build me a custom shelf for my closet where I will store my fabric and then all I need is some hooks for my rulers and a desk for my sewing machine.

You will have to wait until its complete to get pictures because I cant seem to find my camera (a little girl did something with it, I think) so hopefully I will have everything finished by the end of next month. Seeing how the only need to buy the desk and build the "fabric" shelf for my closet. Wish me luck :)


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