Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday's are good for me

Since I am staying home with my daughter I get to do the things I like to do (quilt) whenever I feel like it. Of course I had some breaks throughout the day.

My little AllieKat got to go outside to play in the 70+ weather and this is her adventure, at least part of the adventure.

While AllieKat was having her Great Outdoor Adventure, I was having a scrap adventure inside. I had some strips (5") from a swap that I was part of once and the theme was red. I figured with Valentimes Day comming up I would made a scrappy quilt with all my red strips. This is the progress. I need to practice my quilting so this will most likely go to a charity later, but so far I like it.

Oh, and excuse the messy post today, I seemed to insert the pictures different. Not as pleasing the the eye as I would like but you still get the idea.


Karen said...

Love the red theme!

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