Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I just wanted to share my Valentines Day with you all, I hope yours is as wonderful as mine!
First Aliya and I made cards, from left to right: Aliya's card made by me, chocolates for the husband and a lolly pop for Aliya from Mommy, "Be My"... card for my husband, and finally Aliya made a Valentines Day card for her Daddy!

When Aliya woke up this morning she got her surprise! A card and a lolly pop from Mommy!
Then Daddy gave us both a surprise, We each got a red rose for love, and I also got a yellow rose for friendship because he is not only my true love but my best friend! We also each got a card and a box of chocolates, what a loving father and husband! I love him so much!

I will leave you with this, I just think getting special things from that special person is always great; but its the thought not the price! I'm not the kind of girl that needs dozens of roses, I would rather have the sentimental rose that symbolizes our love and friendship! I thought that was awesome and so perfect!
I would love to read about everyone's Valentines Day, who is your special someone!?!


Sandy said...

Awww...he did remember. And so thoughtful. That's great.

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