Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Or you can just wash all my troubles away while you are here!
Found out yesterday that my other car broke down too... My husband has been driving my car to work lately because his car was in the shop this fall and $700 later something else is wrong with it and the shop refused to fix it. My husband has replaced the water pump and still something is wrong with it, we don't know where it is leaking water from.
Now, after 3 weeks with no car, my husband goes to change the spark plugs in my car (which by the way has less than 60k on it so this is ridiculous!) the spark plus is stuck inside the engine and he cant get it out...I think it may have broke off inside the engine. Anyways, looks like we might need major repairs to both vehicles now.

Sorry for the for quilting, I have not accomplished much this week. I did start the dress yesterday and I got most of it finished so hopefully I can finish it up today and post some pictures of it tomorrow.

And for the vehicle situation...
Prayer and thoughts are much appreciated.


Sandy said...

As always sweetie, you have my prayers! Hope it gets resolved quickly.

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