Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Have to get some quilting done soon

Well, I have some things I am working on and I haven't worked on anything really this week.
So far I have to.....
Make a Valentines dress for Aliya
Sew some more quilt blocks
Work on this months applique
Work on my show entry (haven't even started this yet)
Make a Valentines Day card for the significant other
I really have to get moving. I haven't been feeling that great this week, I hope I can feel better soon so I can get to sewing. I am going to try to start Aliya's dress today, then maybe I will feel like doing some other stuff.
I did take advantage of the sale this week. I ordered 15 yards of fabric for $50. Mostly for my stash, not anything that I plan on making out of it. Plus my Birthday gift from mom is on its way and that has to be full of tons of quilting goodies. She has been buying stuff for months I love my mom!


Sandy said...

I'm so glad you love your Mom, but please don't hate me for not sending TONS of quilting goodies. Not to say there aren't a couple, but not tons, not this time. But you can still love me!!

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