Saturday, February 13, 2010

My favorite quilt!

No I did not make this one, my mom did!

Since tomorrow is Valentines Day I figured I would say how great of a mom I have! (no mom didn't get my birthday present

She is a great quilter on top of everything and she introduced me to quilting, although it took her a few years to get me really interested :) So far she has taught me everything I know, I have not taken a single lessons are free!

I just want to show you my favorite quilt she has ever made, its for my daughter's room and it could not have been any better! Perfect fabric, pattern, quilting! BEAUTIFUL!

Have a Happy Valentines Day! Happy Quilting!!
Wish you were here Mom!!

ALSO!! I am looking for a fun online quilting bee! Either one where we finish projects together, or exchange blocks, it does not matter. I am open to options, so please if you know of one, or know where I can find one let me know.


Sandy said...

Aww...thank you sweet daughter. I couldn't ask for a better legacy then you carrying on our quilting tradition.

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