Monday, February 8, 2010

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As for a title, does anyone (besides me) ever have a problem creating a interesting title? Sometimes I sit and think about titles to put on my blog and the only things that come to my head is "Finished block 4" or "Went Shopping" I really have a hard time being creative with writing, but when it comes to fabric look what I can do!!!

Ok, so I may not be the expert quilter, and I am definitely not an expert blogger but I do enjoy showing people what I am working on, and even more I love to see what other people are working on at the same time. I am really inspired by all the creative people out there and that's what keeps me moving.
I did manage to go shopping this weekend, I bought some items to make a Valentines dress for my Little Valentine.
......and my LQS was having a HUGE sale this Sunday. It was the Super Bowl Sunday sale and so cool. Every half an hour they would draw up a different sale and it lasted 4 hours. I only stayed for a little over an hour but I did manage to stay for 3 of the drawings, 40% off cut fabric, 40% off patterns, and 30% off kits. It was a great idea to have a sale like that and everyone was very nice to me and my daughter! I will visit again!
I really didn't see much fabric that I wanted. I kept pulling out bolts and trying to match them up but was never satisfied. Too bad, with such a good sale going on.
I have really been searching for some contemporary fabric but its practically unheard of in the LQS in my area so I have to keep searching, but in the meantime I did manage to find this pink fabric that I really liked and a purse pattern that is oh so cute.
One final mother has her own blog and I'm sure she will be much better at this than me. She has been quilting for 11 years and is responsible for my quilting, well I will take responsibility for her blogging. Anyways, she has started her blogging days out with a bang
and posted a tutorial...does anyone have problems sewing curves...well she has figured it out. Read about it here
Hopefully more to come in the future. I am also thinking of adding a tutorial so what would you rather have me add...paper piecing or hand applique? Your choice!


Luv 2 Kreate said...

I always have a hard time coming up with a Title :)
Looks like you did well at the sale!

Sandy said...

Love the blocks. They are coming out really nice. And yes, I need all the help blogging that you can give me.

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